How do games and activities help in a child’s development?

Games and activities play an important role in a child’s development into a socially-

responsible person. Children learn about their own abilities and strengths through

play activities and hence it is necessary for children to indulge in it on a regular

basis. It helps them to feel good about themselves and teaches interaction with


When you enrol your child in one of the Best Preschool for Kids in Thane, he or she

will enjoy these activities and get engrossed in it for long hours. This enhances

concentration which will be an important factor during school and college education.

Most playschools provide a host of playthings which supplement learning and

knowledge to a great extent:

 When children play in sand pits or in water pools, they are introduced to

science and maths. They understand that water is a fluid and can be

measured by putting into different containers. The concept of solids is evident

to them when they play in sand pits with blocks etc.

 Activities like drawing, painting, craft, playing with toys and creatures helps

them to express their feelings and develops their power of imagination.

 Playtime with jigsaws, shape sorters and building blocks leads to knowledge

about shapes and sizes. Logic and putting things in order are also a part of

learning during this period.

 Games that need running, jumping and climbing builds them up physically and

helps in development of movement and coordination skills.

 The concept of sharing and mixing with others is learnt while playing with kids

of similar ages.

 Playing simple musical instruments and singing is a wonderful way of

developing rhythm and hearing.

While playing at the best preschool in thane west with children of his age, your kid

will learn to relax, express himself and develop a whole set of social skills which will

be useful to him/her in the future.