Dealing with an aggressive child-A few pointers

Our childhood and growing up years, especially the teens, are dotted with incidents

when we burst out with anger and aggression as our reaction to certain

circumstances. This could include violent behaviours like shouting, biting or fighting.

Parents often ignore it, considering it to be part of growing pangs and emotional

upheavals during this period. However, poor parenting, lack of relationship skills and

certain biological factors could lead to this aggressive state.

Children can face emotional outbursts despite studying at a top-notch international

school franchise India or being financially sufficient. In such cases, parents play a

vital role in helping their child to deal with aggressive behaviour. A child may be

unable to control the extreme mood swings he experiences and this could lead to

loss of self-control during such a situation.

Practice anger management: Children who display aggressive behaviour

should be taught to practice simple techniques of anger management so such

incidents can be controlled to a certain extent. Parents should reason with

them and explain why certain outbursts take place. Tell him it’s ok to lose to a

superior player at a game or it does not matter if he is unable to perform at the

topmost level. Ask him to express feelings as keeping them bottled up can

lead to frustration which can later erupt into angry outbursts.

Do not indulge in physical punishments: By punishing a child for a bad

deed through physical punishment can send the wrong message to kids, as

he can think that it the right method to handle people who behave badly. They

could feel that physical force is needed to enforce discipline in people which

could set a bad precedent in their adult lives as spouses and parents.

Avoid toughness: We often hear parents telling their male children that boys

should be strong and tough. This leads them to believe that settling disputes

through fights or violence is ok. Children often seek parental approval when

they are young and biting others or kicking are ways of doing so. It impacts a

child’s temperament in more than one way and makes them prone to

aggression in the future.

Manage home environment: Children spend a large portion of their early

childhood at home with parents and other siblings. Modern technology allows

children easy access to television, computers and smartphones. Access to

internet has become a matter of a click and can prove to be dangerous if not

handled sensibly. Parents too have to become role models for children in

order to shape their psyche.

Make sure you choose the best primary school franchise in India to provide your

child with the best education along with proper parental guidance. A child can learn

to control his aggression by being firm, patient and loving at the same time. This is

important to lay the right foundation for their future as responsible adults.