How to get parents involved in the teaching process

One of the most critical goals of a preschool teacher is to increase the involvement

of parents in the classroom and create a strong teacher-student-parent team.

Through parent support and involvement, it becomes easier to communicate and

connect with the child. It can be difficult for some but once this gap is bridged it

makes the job a teacher much easier than it seemed like.

Many teachers who are associated with the best playgroup school in india or

leading nursery schools prefer to introduce themselves to parents at the beginning of

the term. If parents receive important information about the teacher, like the years of

experience and family background, they feel their child is in good hands. This

confidence goes a long way in building a positive relationship with the parents and

helps the child too.

Make your first contact with parents a positive one as it is important to start the

relationship on the right foot. How about sending an email or a note to the parents,

mentioning about a tiny achievement or a new friend their child has made? This will

make the parents feel comfortable when they visit the classroom for a class visit or

meeting. It is also a wonderful idea to share about the plans you have made for the

years and the goals you have in mind. When a teacher tells parents about goals like

improving their child’s reading ability or giving them simple projects to work upon, it

creates a positive impression about the teacher’s noble intentions.

Many play schools in India have adapted the concept of class parties where the

parents are invited along with the students. You can plan activities that involve

parents and help building learning for their kids. If managed well, you can quickly get

parents involved in the learning process and make them feel like they are

contributing to the learning process.