The role of educators in a preschool

The role of educators in a preschool

An educator plays a vital role in the growth of a child as a knowledgeable human

being by moulding his understanding of concepts. They are responsible for nurturing

and guiding a child by taking care to understand his specific needs. The overall

development of a young mind is dependent on the way he or she grows emotionally,

socially and physically.

Due to this, the choice of teachers or educators by any play school franchise in

india becomes a critical one as the future of many young children is dependent on

them. These are the key skills one should look for while engaging educators in a


Enthusiastic about children

Teachers should be passionate about making a useful contribution to children’s lives.

It is not only about playing with kids or enjoying their company but educators should

want to have a passion for teaching and moulding young minds and should come

from within. Teachers with infectious enthusiasm and high energy are not only

popular amongst children but prove to be a fantastic asset to any preschool.

Have loads of patience

Interacting with kids can be a challenging task and teachers need a lot of patience

while dealing with them. It is only through perseverance that teachers can achieve

their goal and hence patience proves to be a must-have quality in this profession.

Kids have tiny attention spans and it is important to keep them engaged with tasks

that demand limited focus.

Become a link between parents and children

Teachers should be able to inform parents about the problems and requirements

they observe in a child and act as a median between parents and children. If the

educator is clear about a child’s milestones and the expected results, he can prove

to be an asset to the relationship between the two. Many parents complain that their

child does not share his or her school activities at home and this leads to a

communication gap. Teachers can bridge this gap easy and help start a dialogue

between the parent and the child. They can also inform the parents about certain


limitations their kid has and it would be disastrous to expect a lot from the child.

Teachers should communicate to the parents that children at this age will be able to

do certain things only and should drive home the fact that it is unfair to demand the

world from them.

For children to enjoy and participate in the classroom sessions, teachers have to

create charts, drawings and models. This will depend on the child’s personality and

the teacher will have to customize the learning sessions accordingly. With such

qualities, an educator can help kids from any Preschool in Thane to rise and shine

as individuals and provide the right direction to their lives too.