Six easy ways of teaching discipline to young children

Six easy ways of teaching discipline to young children

As parents, we all aspire to create well-mannered and disciplined individuals out of

our children. Well, it is easier said than done. One needs loads of patience and

determination to ingrain discipline within young kids and this could also take a lot of

time to happen.

Every child is built differently with a unique character and personality which can

make it difficult to discipline them. Even when they attend the best preschool

franchise in India, disciplining a child remains a task that needs help. The following

tips will help you to teach discipline to a kid and come out a winner:

1. Little kids have very short attention spans which make it difficult to get them to

focus. Through constant reminders, it can help to bridge this gap if he or she

seems distracted. You can also work with them the first time you have to get a

particular thing done.

2. It is best to explain the outcome or consequence of a certain kind of behavior

to the child if he behaves in a particular manner. He may not understand the

consequence at certain times and may need to experience it.

3. Children are sensitive to feelings and expressions so go ahead and express

your feelings if their actions have hurt you in any way. If they know their

actions have had an adverse effect on you, they will think twice before they

repeat it the next time. Children want their parents to be proud of them and

anything that does the opposite will stop them from exhibiting that behavior.

4. Make the kid sit in a time out where he is unable to carry out any kind of play

activity. This will give him time to think about his actions and their

consequences and has proved to be one of the most effective ways of

disciplining a child without the use of force. This can be pretty useful method

especially when you have to discipline two or more kids.

5. When children repeatedly acts in a certain manner in a specific situation or in

front of certain people, change their surroundings. Try moving them to a

different room or take them away from the group to bring about a change in

their behavior. A change of surrounding can spur them to look at things from a

different perspective and act differently too.

6. Make sure you are showing your little one that it is the behavior that you do

not approve of and you love him as much as you did earlier. Do this after

disciplining him so he does not harbor any negative thoughts.

When your little one begins Play School in India, he will find it easy to adapt to its

structure environment, if he has the right discipline instilled in him. The above tips

will make the task of disciplining easier for the child and the parent too.