Practical ways of strengthening the grandparent- grandchild bond

Practical ways of strengthening the grandparent-grandchild bond

Apart from the child’s parent who play a huge role in the overall growth and

development of a child, it is the presence of grandparents that is extremely

comforting for both the parent and the child. There is warmth and love and a feeling

of caring that binds the child to his or her grandparents and this special bond can be

further enhanced by engaging in simple activities that with live with the child and the

grandparent forever.

When parents are busy with building their careers or looking to augment their income

through educational franchise business opportunities in India, it is the

grandparents who play a supporting role in bringing up a child. Use the following tips

to strengthen this beautiful connection and build a heartfelt bond:

 Bring nature into play by organizing treasure hunts through the

neighbourhood. A walk in the park is the best way to connect to nature and

helps kids to observe their surroundings and learn.

 Bring childhood pictures of your child the next time you visit them and give

your grandchild a visual tour of times bygone. Kids love to listen to stories

about their parents so use this opportunity to tell them the fun times you had

when your own kids were growing up.

 Encourage the little ones to play card games or board games to engage them

for long and enjoyable hours. Kids nowadays do not indulge in such games

and this will provide you an opportunity to compete in the fun way.

Story time is the best way to bond with the little ones as they love to listen to fairy

tales from their grandparents. Read a story and discuss it later over a cup of hot

chocolate or a platter of cookies. These times are the best to give your grandchildren

memories of a lifetime since they will eventually join a play school franchise in

India and get busy with their lives.