Creative ways to spend quality time with your kids

Creative ways to spend quality time with your kids

Working parents often lament the fact that they are unable to spend enough time

with their kids, with work and home responsibilities eating into it. Add a daily

commute of a couple of hours to and fro, and you are left with little time to interact

with your children. Growing kids need to know that their parents care for them and

like being with them. How else can the bonding and connect happen?

A parents’ responsibility isn’t limited to giving quality education at the Best 

Play School in India has or bringing home expensive time. Your undivided time is much

more valuable and here are a few ways to ensure you spend it with your kids:

 Make use of every little opportunity to tell your little one how much you love

him or her. This could happen while you are idling at the traffic signal or

waiting for your turn at the supermarket counter. You will have to find ways to

make time into your busy schedule.

 It is important to set aside some time for your children after you come back

from work. As much tired as you may be, spend at least 10 minutes with them

to know about their day. Once you do that, you can move on to your

household chores.

 When your children are ready to go to bed, be there to get them dressed and

ensure that they brush their teeth. Utilize this time to enquire about their plans

for the next day or engage in a pillow fight just for the fun.

 It is important to have dinner together after a tiring day at school or at work.

This allows you to spend time with kids and find out about the latest in their


If you are one of those lucky parents who get to drop their kids at their Preschool in Thane

 use the commuting time to engage with your little one. It will surely be time

well-spent for both of you!