How to keep your child healthy and away from illnesses at school

Parents are forever worried about their children catching a cold or contracting an

infection from a fellow student while at school. Boosting the immunity of kids is

always a priority and in order for this to happen, a good immune system has to be


Your child may be a student at one of the best playgroup school in India where

hygiene levels are high but that doesn’t guarantee prevention against infections and

illnesses. Adopt the following ideas to boost the immunity of your child and to keep

illnesses away while he is at school:

Balanced & Healthy diet: Plan your child’s meal and snacks in such a way that it

includes fresh veggies, eggs, meat, fruits and whole grains. Make minimum use of

artificial sugars, additives and preservatives. Foods that could cause allergic

reactions make it difficult for the body to fight viruses and harmful bacteria.

Proper hand washing: Kids play and get their hands dirty and greasy in the

process. Make sure your little one washes his hands with soap and water (warm if

possible) before meals and snacking. This will keep harmful bacteria at bay.

Sleep: Your child will need uninterrupted sleep during night for at least 8 to 10 hours

to help his body to repair itself. A couple of hours of naptime during the afternoon will

also keep him fresh and alert.

Exercising: Plan some family exercise time over the weekend and include fun

activities like swimming, cycling or playing a sport. Regular exercising is useful for

building immunity and resistance to diseases.

Reduced stress and anxiety: The immune system response is lowered due to

elevated levels of adrenalin and cortisol which are a result of stress and anxiety.

Allow your child to relax and do not cram too much into his day. Many play school franchise in india

 include simple relaxing techniques and meditation sessions to reduce