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It is that time of the year every child (and parents too) look forward to. Vacation time

means no more early morning alarms and certainly no homework. Lazing around in

the bed, playing with friends and spending time with the family is the order of the

day. It is also time to leave the stifling heat behind and head to the hills for a cool

and relaxed vacation with friends or family.

Most play school franchise in India have vacations during summer and families

prefer this time to travel to the nearest hill station for a relaxed time. When you have

kids to manage on the trip, you will need to plan properly and well in advance too.

Here’s what you should consider to have a successful and memorable trip:

The best way of beating the holiday crowd and traffic to a certain extent is to leave

on a week day and possibly return on a week day too. Leaving on a Friday evening

is the worst thing to do and returning on a Sunday evening isn’t a bright idea too.

Check if any major event or concerts are scheduled around that time as this will

attract large crowds which may be a hindrance during sight-seeing.

Summer time not only increases the ambient temperature but heats up the

competition at hotels and resorts. Make sure you check the available deals if you

have planned a trip during the off-season (just before or after school exams). You

can save a substantial sum by doing so. If it is a package deal, ask for kids-for-free

offers or airfare inclusive packages as travel agencies too have lean months and are

willing to reduce rates.

Your kids, if they are studying at any of the play schools in India, will love say bye

to their teacher and classmates for a while and enjoy fun time with the family. Plan

well to create great summer vacation memories for your kids to look back when they

grow up.