kids · 02. August 2018
Parents are forever worried about their children catching a cold or contracting an infection from a fellow student while at school. Boosting the immunity of kids is always a priority and in order for this to happen, a good immune system has to be developed. Your child may be a student at one of the best playgroup school in India where hygiene levels are high but that doesn’t guarantee prevention against infections and illnesses. Adopt the following ideas to boost the immunity of your child...
kids · 21. July 2018
Working parents often lament the fact that they are unable to spend enough time with their kids, with work and home responsibilities eating into it. Add a daily commute of a couple of hours to and fro, and you are left with little time to interact with your children. Growing kids need to know that their parents care for them and like being with them. How else can the bonding and connect happen? A parents’ responsibility isn’t limited to giving quality education at the Best Play School in...
kids · 10. July 2018
Apart from the child’s parent who play a huge role in the overall growth and development of a child, it is the presence of grandparents that is extremely comforting for both the parent and the child. There is warmth and love and a feeling of caring that binds the child to his or her grandparents and this special bond can be further enhanced by engaging in simple activities that with live with the child and the grandparent forever. When parents are busy with building their careers or looking...
kids · 29. June 2018
As parents, we all aspire to create well-mannered and disciplined individuals out of our children.
kids · 20. June 2018
An educator plays a vital role in the growth of a child as a knowledgeable human being by moulding his understanding of concepts.
kids · 08. June 2018
One of the most critical goals of a preschool teacher is to increase the involvement of parents in the classroom and create a strong teacher-student-parent team. Through parent support and involvement, it becomes easier to communicate and connect with the child.
kids · 21. May 2018
It is that time of the year every child (and parents too) look forward to. Vacation time means no more early morning alarms and certainly no homework. Lazing around in the bed, playing with friends and spending time with the family is the order of the day. It is also time to leave the stifling heat behind and head to the hills for a cool and relaxed vacation with friends or family.
kids · 09. May 2018
Our childhood and growing up years, especially the teens, are dotted with incidents when we burst out with anger and aggression as our reaction to certain circumstances. This could include violent behaviours like shouting, biting or fighting. Parents often ignore it, considering it to be part of growing pangs and emotional upheavals during this period. However, poor parenting, lack of relationship skills and certain biological factors could lead to this aggressive state.
kids · 27. April 2018
Although the name implies differently, Vitamin D is actually a hormone that plays a dominant role in fortifying the body’s immune system. One of the most reliable and powerful sources of Vitamin D is the sun which is free and easily available. You must ensure that your child receives the ample quantity of sun rays on their bodies during the day to boost their levels of Vitamin C.
kids · 09. April 2018
Games and activities play an important role in a child’s development into a socially- responsible person. Children learn about their own abilities and strengths through play activities and hence it is necessary for children to indulge in it on a regular basis. It helps them to feel good about themselves and teaches interaction with others.